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Baby Monitor

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We understand your tension as a parent. You, parents, are always worried about your child whether you are around them or not. Still, when you are around your babies, you can see them, hear them, feel them, touch them and protect them if any danger arises. The major problem comes when your child is not around you and cannot see your baby.

In today's world, we see working parents in most cases. While the baby is at home, the parents are in the office during the daytime. As a result, it becomes challenging for the parents to look after their child.

Here, My all Trends has brought revolutionary products on baby monitoring. We will talk about three products here,


Baby Monitor Robot

Baby Monitor Robot is a robot caretaker of your baby. You can pan the camera according to their movements and see everything remotely. You can talk to your babies through the camera. The Robot assures you when your child is fine and safe. Our AstroSpy Robot has made remote parenting possible. The sensors, voice calls, rotating camera are the significant features.

Child Locks for Cabinet Doors

Our innovative cabinet locks can solve the problem of your baby easily opening the locks. We offer a baby-proofing refrigerator, baby cabinet safety latches, child locks for cabinet doors for the safeguard of your child. You can install the locks easily to maintain safety.

Child Safety Cupboard Locks

We offer to you Infilock, a baby-proof locked used for cupboards and drawers. The magnetic child safety cupboard locks are only accessible to adults. Glue the lock behind the door, and keep the magnet key close to the lock to push the mechanism automatically.

Keep your Child Safe, and be Stress-free and happy!